Ways to protect your mental health while job searching – Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

We know that looking for a job can take its toll on your mental wellbeing. Whether it’s making lots of applications, facing knock-backs or simply taking up a lot of your free time – it’s difficult. This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’d like to share our top tips for protecting your mental health while job searching.

  • Be realistic

If a job requires a certain amount of experience or qualifications that you simply don’t have, chances are it won’t be a good fit for you or the employer and means you’re less likely to be offered an interview. Look for jobs that best fit your skill-set and experience and you’ll be more likely to have success.

  • Set yourself achievable targets

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by making demands that you cannot meet. Work to realistic timelines, such as “this week, I’m going to apply for five jobs”. It’s important to remember that you should take your time with job applications to give yourself the best possible outcome.

  • Honour your free time

Job searching will inevitably eat into your free time, especially if you’re already in work. Try not to spend all your free time searching and applying, make sure you do the things that make you happy. Whether that’s meeting up with friends, taking part in hobbies, going to the gym – it’s so important to save time for yourself.

  • Ask for help

Don’t struggle alone. If you need help with anything from checking your CV for spelling and grammar mistakes, babysitting so you can attend a job interview or even just moral support – your friends and family will be happy to help. If you do find that your mental health is really affected by your job search, there are many charities out there that can help for free. Visit www.samaritans.org or text SHOUT to 85258.

The Sure Staffing team has your back every step of the way, so please be sure to give us a call for any help regarding your job search – and remember, you can do it!