Government introduces bill that is set to shake up employment laws

The UK Government has recently introduced a bill which, if passed, could revoke some of the laws that were introduced to comply with European Union Law when the United Kingdom was a member state.

If the bill is passed, certain laws may disappear by 31st December 2023, however it is worth noting that the legislation currently states that this could be extended until 31st December 2026.

If passed (and if not amended or alternative laws put in place), the bill could have a significant impact on legislation such as TUPE (the transfer of undertakings protection of employment regulations), paid annual holiday, the limit on the working week of 48 hours, part‐time and fixed-term working regulations, and agency worker regulations.

The Government hasn’t made it clear yet which will be kept in place or what will be able to expire on the deadline in December 2023, but the bill could cause significant disruption to the rights of employees and the responsibilities of employers.

You can read more about the bill here –,primacy%20to%20Acts%20of%20Parliament.